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Zero Cater: Making Catering Easy

If you are looking for corporate catering and you live in one of these cities San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., or New York City, you should look into hiring ZeroCater to help you with your catering needs.

What is Zero Cater?

ZeroCater is a catering service that connects businesses like yours to great eats. They deliver food from local restaurants to companies. In addition to food delivery, they keep your budget and your employees’ dietary restrictions in mind.

How Zero Cater Works

Placing an order with Zero Cater is simple. Tell them where you are, how many people you’re feeding, and any dietary restrictions, and they will take care of the rest. You have a choice of how often you want the meals. You can either make a one-time request, or have meals delivered to your company as many times as you want.

Zero Cater Cost

The average Zero Cater meal costs $12-$15 per person. They can negotiate budget plans if you find this too expensive.

What to Expect

All meals are served family-style unless requests are made, and are labeled. Other meal options include crepe, burgers, or taco bars where the vendors prepare and serve your employees.

Make work exciting and boost morale by having Zero Cater serve you and your colleagues various lunch entrees. And they’re not just limited to lunch. They serve breakfast, too! Change up your danish and coffee routine by getting breakfast delivered to you.

Cities that are currently utilizing this service are San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City. If your business isn’t located in any of these cities, don’t worry. Zero Cater is expanding, and may come to your town soon!

Companies like Sony, Ebay, and GitHub, are being fed by Zero Cater. Shouldn’t you be one them too? Brighten your employees’ morning or afternoon by contacting them today!

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