Wingstop Catering Menu with Prices

No game day or fight night is complete without chicken wings. If you are hosting an event, large or small, then the Wingstop catering menu is the perfect choice for you. Featuring several different flavors of chicken wing, the Wingstop catering menu prices include options for multiple types of platters. Popular options include classic bone in wings, boneless chicken wings, and crispy chicken tenders. Wingstop catering provides wing platters coming in sizes of 30 to 50 pieces. In addition to several types of wings, there are Wingstop catering prices for seasoned fries, cheese fries, potato salad, and their signature hot cheddar cheese sauce.

Below you will find Wingstop Catering Menu with Prices

10 Piece$7
15 Piece$10.49
20 Piece$14
30 Piece$18
50 Piece$35
75 Piece$43
100 Piece$63

Chicken Strips
4 Piece$6
7 Piece$9.50
16 Piece$21
24 Piece$28
32 Piece$35
Chicken Strip Meals
16 Piece Family Pack
-16 chicken strips
-1 large side
-3 dips
-veggie sticks
24 Piece Family Pack
-24 chicken strips
-2 large sides
-4 dips
-Veggie sticks

Seasoned FriesRegular...$2
Cheese friesRegular...$2.89
Baked BeansRegular...$2
Cole SlawRegular...$2
Potato SaladRegular...$2
Family Packs
30 Piece Family Pack
-30 wings
-1 large side
-3 dips
-Veggie Sticks
40 Piece Family Pack
-40 wings
-1 large side
-4 dips
-Veggie Sticks
50 Piece Family Pack
-50 wings
-2 large sides
-4 dips
-Veggie Sticks
75 Piece Family Pack
-75 wings
-3 large sides
-6 dips
-Veggie Sticks
100 Piece Family Pack
-100 wings
-4 large sides
-8 dips
-Veggie Sticks

Buffalo wings are becoming an ever-present staple in the classic American food canon – the quintessential combination of creamy ‘buffalo’ hot sauce and fried to perfection chicken wings whether bone in or boneless is enough to make nearly anyone’s mouth water. Few execute the tried and true formula quite like aviation themed wing shop Wingstop. They were founded in Dallas suburb Garland, Texas in 1994 and have been spreading across the United States ever since. Most people don’t know that Wingstop also offers catering services, but now you are among the lucky few! If you show up to your planned event with platters of gorgeous Wingstop wings and fries, you will truly be the life of the party!


Placing your Wingstop catering order is easy using the online ordering form. If you are placing your order at the last minute (same day orders), then consider calling your local Wingstop to be sure your order is prepared quickly. You don’t want to end up not getting your order on time! You can click HERE to be directed to the Wingstop catering order site to place an order for your upcoming event!

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