Wedding Anniversaries Event Planning

Anniversaries sneak up fast and it is important that you remember to prepare for any milestone wedding anniversaries. Celebrating the anniversary of the day you and your spouse got married can be done privately, but sometimes reliving the day with a party reminiscent of your wedding ceremony is preferable. Organizing a wedding anniversary party is not as complicated as the wedding itself, but it does take a good deal of planning. We understand how daunting planning any type of party can be and help increase your chances of hosting a successful wedding anniversary event by providing you with the advice you need to get started.

Determine the Date

Anniversary CakePlanning a party on the actual wedding anniversary date is always an option, but sometimes that day might not be ideal. If the wedding was on a holiday, happens to fall on a weekday instead of the weekend, or conflicts with a prior engagement then a flexible date might be more convenient. Also, if you are planning an anniversary party for another couple holding it on an alternate date will increase your chances of surprising the guests of honor. It will also allow them to spend their actual anniversary date doing something together in privacy if they choose.

Make a Guest List

No anniversary celebration is complete without those who are closest to the happy couple. In addition to inviting close friends, family members, and select coworkers consider getting in touch with people who attending the wedding. You will be surprised by the number of people who will be happy to attend your anniversary party even if you haven’t talked to them for years. They will be touched that you remembered them and want them to relive that memorable event with you.

Choose the Venue

Anniversary TableThe place you choose to hold your wedding anniversary party should be a place that is important to you and your spouse. A favorite restaurant, the location where he proposed, or the location of your actual wedding reception are all possible choices. One of the good things about planning a wedding anniversary versus planning an actual wedding is that you have more flexibility. If your first choice isn’t available on the date, you choose it is easy to change the date or contact another location. To keep your spending down find a location that allows you to bring outside food and decorations.

Send the Invitations

InvitationAfter you have a date, time, and location set it is time to invite your guests. If possible, utilize the same invitation method that you choose when planning your wedding. Either paper invitations, a simple event website, or e-invitations are all fun and affordable options. Make it as easy as possible for the guests to RSVP by including contact options such as text messages and email.



Plan the Menu

Once you know how many guests are going to be attending the anniversary it is safe to plan a menu and order the food. While recreating the wedding menu is always an option, a more budget friendly choice is simply serving the same type of cake while offering a different (perhaps simplified) menu. Instead of paying a restaurant to cater the event prepare your own finger foods or purchase affordable appetizer platters. Remember to include a few vegetarian options along with items that do not have nuts or eggs for those with food allergies.

Setting up the Venue

On the day of the event remember to include time to decorate and set up the venue. Many locations allow you to arrive thirty minutes prior to your scheduled event to set things up. Arrive early to set up tables, hang banners, arrange balloons, and get the location ready to host your party. If possible, get friends or family members to pick up food or other items that are not available until the day of your event. This will help you to ensure that the area is set up, complete with food, on time.

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