Walmart Catering Menu with Prices

Always associated with low prices and deep discounts, few think of Walmart as a catering solution.  In reality, the Walmart catering menu is filled with high quality options that can fit any budget without sacrificing taste or style.  Over the years the Walmart catering menu prices have remained highly competitive while the menu itself has grown in size.  Along with the typical party platter choices of chicken wings, sandwiches, and cubed meats; Walmart now offers sliders trays, seafood platters, and even kid friendly trays with corndogs. Believe it or not, Walmart Catering can take care of your needs!

Below you will find Walmart Catering Menu with Prices

Walmart Trays
Slider Tray12" Small $14
16" Medium $26
18" Large $34
Flavored Wings Tray12" Small $18
16" Medium $32
18" Large $38
Sandwich Tray16" Medium $32
18" Large $42
Pinewheel TraySmall $14
Medium $24
Prima Della Meat and Cheese Tray12" Small $24
16" Medium $42
18" Large $48
Cheese Tray16" Medium $34
18" Large $48
Meat Tray16" Medium $34
18" Large $48
Snack Tray16" Medium $34
18" Large $48
Veggie Tray16" Medium $34
18" Large $48
Appetizer Platter16" Medium $28
18" Large $38
Chicken Trio Tray16" Medium $28
18" Large $44
Kids Party Tray16" Medium $24
Mix and Match Sandwich Rolls18" Large $9
Condiment Tray12" Small $18
16" Medium $26
Shrimp Cocktail Tray12" Small $34
16" Medium $48
Cheese Tester Tray16" Medium $34
18" Large $42
Wings Tray12" Small $24
16" Medium $32
18" Large $38
Chicken Trio Tray16" Medium $32
18" Large $38
Sub Sandwich 2 foot sub $18
4 foot sub $28
6 foot sub $32
Message Cookies12" Small $8.50

Everyone in America knows the name Walmart. They offer some of the lowest prices that can be found on just about anything from toys to sporting goods to household needs and even groceries at select locations. But what many people also don’t know about Walmart is that they can provide catering services, which like the rest of their products and services, is extremely affordable for those on a budget. Yet, somehow, their quality is not compromised either. Though you may be surprised, Walmart catering can be a contending option for affordable catering for any event you may have in the works.


To place your catering order, call your local Walmart and speak to a staff member in the deli department.  They will confirm the Walmart catering prices with you and verify that they will be able to prepare your order in time for your event.  It is best to place your order at least 24 hours in advance for large events. Click HERE to locate a local Walmart store so that you can place an order for catering for your next event today! Walmart Catering Order Form is below. Simply right click save picture as and print it out. You can also pick it up at your local Walmart and fill it out there if you don’t have a printer.


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