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Top 3 Stores for Event Planners

When planning an event, every little detail must be considered, including where to source certain elements. Getting the highest quality for the best price from as few places as possible is essential.  Event planners don’t have time for gimmicks, either – They need to know where they can get the best price every day of the week, not just if they clipped all the coupons from last weekend’s newspaper.  Where can an event planner turn to reliably get everything they need for the best price while making the fewest stops possible?


BJ’s is an event planner’s dream!  I planned my wedding myself and it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without BJ’s.  It was easy to get everything in one place and they helped us stay on budget, too. Guest welcome bags were easy and cost-effective – Bulk candy bars, tea bags, mini water bottles, gift bags and tissue paper to wrap it all in. This could also work for favors or a DIY candy station for any party–not just weddings.

I didn’t know at the time, but BJ’s also have bulk flower arrangements and bulk flower petals available!  We paid a premium for a small bag of flower petals from our florist for the flower girl to throw, plus bought extra fake flower petals online for table decor. We could have had MORE for LESS at BJ’s and got it all in one place.

pic 1

I love the look of this petal-covered aisle, but thought it wasn’t in our budget–SO WRONG!

Party City

Party City is a lifesaver.  They have everything you need from a casual, adult affair to children’s party supplies. Especially if you want to stick to a theme, this is the place to go.

pic 2

Tangled birthday party – DONE!

Candy and favors are also easy and affordable here, too.  They have a whole dedicated candy aisle where you can load up on candy for a candy station or favors.  Balloons for all occasions can be filled with helium in the store!

Dollar Store

pic 3

A Dollar Store centerpiece – Beautiful and colorful!

As evidenced by the many articles on how to DIY your wedding with dollar store elements, particularly centerpieces, it’s obvious that the dollar store has upped their game. You can get unique favors for $1 apiece – what a steal!  For a children’s party, there are cool games and toys, too! No wonder the Dollar Store made this list!

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