Tesco Catering Menu with Prices

Since 1919 Tesco has been a stable part of the British supermarket history.  What started out as a simple group of market stalls has now become the biggest supermarket in the United Kingdom.  Initially Tesco only sold groceries, but today the supermarket chain sells a variety of household goods and other items.  Any person who needs quality products for their next event can rely on Tesco catering to provide all of their needs. Are you planning an elegant evening meal, child’s birthday party, or casual get-together with some friends? No matter what your needs are Tesco catering has you covered.  Offering hand prepared foods Tesco catering prides itself on making any occasion completely stress free.  With sandwiches, seafood, and chicken entrees making up only a small portion of the catering menu Tesco has several affordable items making it easy to find meal choices that will please your guests.

Below you will find Tesco Catering Menu with Prices

Afternoon Tea Finger Sandwich Platter£14.00
Healthy Living Sandwich Platter£12.00
Vegetarian Sandwich Platter£12.00
Classic Sandwich Platter£12.00
Meat Sandwich Platter£12.00
Finest Sandwich Platter£14.00
Lunch Selection Platter £14.00
Gluten Free Roll Platter£14.00
Mini Roll Platter£14.00
Wrap Selection Platter£14.00
Children Variety Platter£10.00
Children Caterpillar Platter£12.00
Cooked Meat Platter£11.00
Chinese Selection Platter£12.00
Sliced Hickory Smoked Salmon£14.00
Pigs In Blankets£10.00
American Selection Platter£8.00
Chicken Pakora Platter£10.00
Pork Belly Bites Platter£12.00
Pull Pork With Bbq Sauce £8.00
Smoked Salmon And Prawn Triangles £9.00
Smoked Salmon Appetisers £8.00
Salmon And Cream Cheese Pinwheels£14.00
Cheese Selection With Fruit £20.00
Sticky Chicken Skewers £8.00
Tempura Prawns£12.00
Canape Selection£10.00
Smoked Salmon Blinis£12.00
Bourbon Bbq Beef Waffles £12.00
Mini Hotdogs And Cheese Burgers£12.00
Mini Pulled Pork Sliders £12.00
American Sandwich Platter£14.00
Indian Selection£7.00
Olive Selection£8.00
Antipasti Selection Platter £8.00
Prawn Cocktail£8.00
Quiche Lorraine£9.00
Red Pepper, Feta & Spinach Quiche£9.00
Cheese And Onion Quiche £9.00
Mini Variety Pork Pie Platter £10.00
Large Farmhouse Pork Pie £10.00
Celebration Pork Pie £60.00
Pork Pie And Sausages Roll Platter£15.00
Topped Pork And Chicken Pie£14.00
Mini Sausage Rolls£6.00
Mini Cheese And Onion Rolls£6.00
Cheese And Onion Soufflettes£12.00
Quiche Selection£12.00
120 Cocktail Sausages £7.00
Mini Sausages£9.00
Mini Toads In The Hole £7.00
Salmon En Croute£20.00
Salmon And Cream Cheese Tart£10.00
Cod Bite And Haddock Goujon£8.00
Scallop And Prawn Coquille£10.00
Smoked Hddk, Leek And Cheese Tart£10.00
Monk Fish Roast£40.00
Finest Beef Bourguignon £12.00
Steak Diane£12.00
Chicken Kiev£12.00

If you live in the United Kingdom, you’ve definitely heard of Tesco and you likely shop there at least sometimes. Their grocery selection provides countless British residents with the food to feed their families. However, they also offer catering services for house parties, formal events, or any other sort of event you could think to organize. Remember, hungry guests = happy guests, so don’t hesitate to order with Tesco for your catering needs.


Tesco locations support online ordering that gives you the option of having your party trays delivered directly to your location.  If you are someone who does not enjoy online shopping feel free to place your order at your nearest Tesco location.  When placing your order please remember to place your order at least 5 days before your event to be sure your catering platter is ready in time for your event.  Click HERE to place your Tesco catering order.

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