Smokey Bones Catering Menu with Prices

Founded in 1999 in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America, Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill (generally known as simply Smokey Bones) has spread across 16 of the United States in the casual dining market. They serve barbecue food, such as pulled pork, grilled bourbon BBQ chicken breast, texas style beef brisket, racks of ribs, and spiced sausage. They also have sides such as natural cut fries, creamy cole slaw, fresh steamed broccoli and of course, the staple bbq baked beans. But of course, you are here mainly for one reason with a question – What are the Smokey Bones catering prices? Well, you’re in luck, as we have compiled that information for you on this very page.

Below you will find Smokey Bones Catering Menu with Prices

Party Packs
BBQ Party Pack$79.99
Pulled Pork Party Pack$242.25
Baby Q for 8$77.52
Bar-B Q for 8$95.92
Bubba Q for 8$115.92
Family Feast$25.99
Family Reunion$799.99
Chicken Wings$10.99/$16.99/$24.99/$47.99/$91.49
Smoked Wings$10.99/$16.99/$24.99/$47.99/$91.49
Chicken Fingers 30-Bulk$28.99

Many people have attended a Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill, some of which are likely event planners such as yourself that are in need of more catering options to add to their list. And yet, of that group, many likely remain unaware that there is a Smokey Bones catering menu. The Smokey Bones catering menu includes party packs, BBQ by the pound, ribs by the rack, chicken fingers, chicken wings and sides. They even have a package that can feed 100 people! And of course, the Smokey Bones catering prices are reasonable, so that you can feed more for less and make sure your guests are happy.


You will need to order your Smokey Bones catering by giving a call to the location nearest you and speaking to the manager on duty, or by doing it the old fashioned way and visiting in person. Be sure to give a minimum of 24 hours of advance notice to ensure that your catering order is prepared on time. Click HERE to find a Smokey Bones location near you to place a catering order!

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