Pita Pit Catering Menu with Prices

Founded in Canada in 1995, the Greek fast service restaurant Pita Pit has spread into the USA quickly and ferociously, bringing Mediterranean style pita bread based food options to the table, literally and figuratively. Everyone who tries it falls in love with their unique takes on Greek classics like meat pitas, vegetable pitas and even breakfast pitas (which are available all day long)! Try one of their meals in their restaurant and you will understand why they have been such a success. Now of course, you may be wondering what is going on with the Pita Pit catering prices. Well, we’re glad you asked, as we have compiled a full list below just for your convenience!

Below you will find Pita Pit Catering Menu with Prices


Plenty of people have come through Pita Pit restaurants and eaten their food, but many of them do not realize that there is a Pita Pit catering menu as well. For the enterprising event planner like yourself, with scrupulous taste, providing Greek/Mediterranean food executed as well as the Pita Pit catering menu would go over as a smash hit for any event – whether it’s a wedding, sporting event, business meeting or general party. You can’t go wrong with pitas, meats, veggies, tzatziki sauce and more… We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!


If you are located in Canada, you can place a catering order for Pita Pit catering prices online. If you are located in the USA, you will need to call the location nearest to you and inquire as to catering orders. Please allow at least 48 hours of advance notice before any catering order is required, in order to make sure that your order is on time. There’s no bigger party faux pas than late food and hungry guests! To find a location to order Pita Pit catering, click HERE!

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