Pinkberry Catering Menu with Prices

Pinkberry is a chain of frozen dessert restaurants that have proliferated over the the past 20 years across 20 countries, into a grand success with over 260 locations. Their business model involves a frozen yogurt based frozen dessert menu, satisfying the sweet tooth cravings of thousands per day. Their menu is unique, offering combinations of flavors like fruit, tea, even chocolate and peanut butter. They also have some eclectic toppings, such as Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and Cocoa Pebbles cereals, rice cakes, and carob chips. You can even top your dessert with honey or pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds or lychee! They have a significant focus on customer service and primarily on a quality product. You are probably curious about how much the Pinkberry catering prices are, so we have compiled that information for you on this page for your convenience.

Below you will find Pinkberry Catering Menu with Prices


Many people who have been to a Pinkberry location and tried their frozen desserts have fallen in love with their delectable sweet flavor combinations. Out of those, many are future event planners who will run into the quandary of choosing catering providers for their parties, weddings, sporting events or business meetings. These very same people often do not realize that the Pinkberry catering menu exists, and that they can have their favorite frozen desserts at their upcoming events.


You can order Pinkberry catering by filling out a form on their website, or by calling the local Pinkberry catering location. Please be sure to give 48 hours of notice, though some orders may be able to be special ordered with less notice if you call the store. It’s best to always give enough notice so that your order arrives on time. Full service catering options with delivery are available, though additional fees may apply. Click HERE to order Pinkberry catering prices now!

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