Piccadilly Catering Menu with Prices

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and founded during World War II, Piccadilly Restaurants has expanded to operate about 60 locations across 11 of the United States of America. The Piccadilly catering menu is a comfort food cafeteria that has a wide variety of food items, focusing mainly on home style cooking. They offer such items as fresh baked breads, premium pork, flavorful beefm, tasty chicken and turkey, and savory sides + desserts. In addition, Piccadilly catering menu offers party trays for any event you may be planning where people will be gathered off site from a Piccadilly cafeteria. You may be wondering about the Piccadilly catering prices, which we can help you with.

Below you will find Piccadilly Catering Menu with Prices

Piccadilly Catering
Value Entrees$6.99/person, 20 minimum
Classic Entrees$7.99/person, 20 minimum
Signature Entrees$8.99/person, 20 minimum
Premium Entrees$9.99/person, 20 minimum
Gallon of Iced Tea$3.99
Fried Chicken Platters
Fried Chicken Breasts (8 pcs)$21.99
Fried Chicken Breasts (12 pcs)$30.99
Fried Chicken Breasts (16 pcs)$38.99
Fried Chicken Breasts (20 pcs)$47.99
Fried Chicken Wings (8 pcs)$8.99
Fried Chicken Wings (12 pcs)$11.99
Fried Chicken Wings (16 pcs)$13.99
Fried Chicken Wings (20 pcs)$15.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (8 pcs)$11.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (12 pcs)$16.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (16 pcs)$21.49
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (20 pcs)$23.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (8 pcs)$16.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (12 pcs)$21.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (16 pcs)$26.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (20 pcs)$33.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed Meat (8 pcs)$11.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed Meat (12 pcs)$17.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed Meat (16 pcs)$21.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed Meat (20 pcs)$26.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (25 pcs)$25.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (50 pcs)$47.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (75 pcs)$69.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (100 pcs)$89.99
Meat Trays
Favorite Three (Roast beef, ham, American cheese)14-18 heads: $33.99, 25-30 heads: $42.99
Party Assortment (Roast beef, ham, American cheese, Swiss cheese)12-15 heads: $31.99, 20-25 heads: $42.99
Party Deluxe (Roast beef, turkey, and ham)14-18 heads: $42.99, 20-25 heads: $44.99
Veggie Trays
Dipper's Delight (Assorted fresh vegetables with Ranch dip)20-25 heads: $24.49, 30-35 heads: $31.99
Fruit Trays
Fruit Fiesta (Assorted fresh fruit)20-25 heads: $24.49, 30-35 heads: $31.99

Many people from the southern states in the USA have experienced Piccadilly cafeteria’s food, but few realize that they also offer Piccadilly catering services. In addition, Piccadilly has launched an emergency feeding services section of their business, which provides relief feeding in disaster zones such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Their emergency feeding service can serve over 10,000 meals in 3 hours. With all of their dedication to the communities they are a part of, it’s no wonder that Piccadilly has become the success that they have – and their good food doesn’t hurt either! You can rely on Piccadilly for a quality catering experience for your next event, no matter what type of event it may be.


You can order catering from Piccadilly online, with a minimum of 20 people for a catering order. You can also find a location nearest to you, and place an order by phone or by visiting in person. Make sure to give 24-48 hours of advance notice to ensure that your order is completed on time. You don’t want hungry guests! Click HERE to order Piccadilly Catering online today!

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