Panda Express Catering Menu with Prices

Anyone who caters an event knows that it is difficult to find quality Chinese food at affordable prices. Panda Express catering menu provides you with many different options that will help make your next event a major success. Panda Express catering prices are meant for groups of 12 to 30 and include your choice of multiple sides and entrees. Choose from Panda Express Catering favorites like kung pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and broccoli beef. The Panda Express catering prices include an additional charge for certain entrees like honey walnut shrimp and Shanghai angus steak. All catering orders include fortune cookies for your party at no additional cost.

Below you will find Panda Express Catering Menu with Prices

2 party trays
2 party entrees
(serves 12-16 people)
3 party trays
3 party entrees
(serves 18-22 people)
4 party trays
4 party entrees
(serves 26-30 people)

Chow Mein$13
Fried Rice$13
White Steamed Rice$13
Brown Steamed Rice$13
Mixed Veggies$13
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken$37
Orange Chicken$37
Sweetfire Chicken Breast$37
String Bean Chicken Breast$37
Kung Pao Chicken$37
Mushroom Chicken$37
Black Pepper Chicken$37
Beijing Beef$37
Shanghai Angus Steak$52
Broccoli Beef$37
Honey Walnut Shrimp$52
Mixed Veggies$13
Veggie Spring Roll$37
Chicken Egg Roll$37
Orange Chicken With Bacon$43

Panda Express has become a well known chain that can be found all across the States any time you’re in search of quality American Chinese food on a budget, and consistency of quality is important to you. They’ve blown up to over 1700 restaurants located in every single one of the United States, as well as a few other countries. They were founded in 1983, and employ nearly 25,000 people. If MSG is something that you do not want in your Chinese food, Panda Express is the place for you as they serve MSG Free products.


Panda Express offers a complete online ordering solution for catering clients.  Registration is required and you can make an account using either an email address, google plus account, or Facebook account.  After placing your first online order you will be able to save favorites making it easier to place catering orders in the future.  Also, you can opt to receive special offers and discounts via email during your registration process giving you a chance to save money when placing catering orders in the future. Click HERE to order Panda Express catering online today!

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