Pancheros Catering Menu with Prices

The fast casual Tex Mex restaurant chain Pancheros is well known in Iowa and Michigan for their fast service and quality food. They provide a taste of Texas Mexican food in a place that is geographically far away from it’s origin. They serve the standard Tex Mex fare, including quesadillas, tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and salads. The food is made to order from a selection of fresh ingredients, on an assembly line right in front of your eyes. The tortillas are fresh grilled as the food is ordered, so you know that your food will have the highest level of freshness. Many people do not know that the Pancheros catering menu exists, or what the Pancheros catering prices are. That’s where we come in – on this page you will find a full list of the latest Pancheros catering prices.

Below you will find Pancheros Catering Menu with Prices

Pancheros Catering
Bowl Bar (Steak)$8.45 per person
Bowl Bar (Chicken)$9.45 per person
Burrito Boxes (Includes 6 Burritos, any combination)$47.25
Taco Bar (Steak)$8.45 per person
Taco Bar (Chicken)$9.45 per person
Chips & Salsa (Blue Corn Chips + 3 Salsas)$12.00

The Pancheros catering menu offers a few solid options for any size of event that you may be planning, whether it is a wedding, sporting event, or business meeting. They offer a Bowl Bar, which is good for groups of 10+ and includes the ingredients for burrito bowls, mix and match so each guest gets exactly what they want in their bowl. They also offer burrito boxes, which s good for a group of 6+ and comes with 6 burritos in a box with any combination of meats and/or vegetables. There’s also a taco bar – which is similar to the bowl bar, except including hot fresh pressed tortillas!


You will need to call your local Pancheros location to place a catering order. Alternatively, you can pay them a visit and speak to the manager on duty at your local location. Please give at least 24-48 hours of advance notice before any catering order. Click HERE to find your local Pancheros catering location to place an order today!


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