Market Basket Catering Menu with Prices

Market Basket is a chain of grocery stores that primarily operates throughout the East Coast.  Dedicated to providing high quality gourmet foods that are hard to find, Market Basket is known huge number of prepared hot and cold items.  Market Basket makes catering easy by providing both classic party trays and elegant dining options for affordable prices. Anyone who regularly hosts events knows that finding quality food that is also affordable is one of the most difficult aspects of party planning.  Market Basket specializes in full service catering for events hosting 10 or more guests.  Orders can be delivered on the weekdays or picked up seven days a week.  Hot and cold buffet options, sandwiches, International menu items, sushi, and more options are available on the Market Basket catering menu.

Below you will find Market Basket Catering Menu with Prices

Deviled Egg Tray$12.99
Fried Chicken Picnic Pack$24.99
Signature Sandwich Platter$34.99
Cheese & Cracker Platter$34.99
Finger Roll Platter Medium$34.99
Fine Cheese Platter$34.99
Snack Pleaser Platter$34.99
Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Medium$36.99
Medium Classic Platter$39.99
Italian Meat & Cheese Platter$39.99
Royal Delight Platter Medium$39.99
Cheese & Fruit Platter$44.99
Finger Roll Platter Large$44.99
Fruit Platter$44.99
Garden Appetizer Platter
Taste Of Inspirations Medium Platter$44.99
Mini Croissant Sandwich Tray Large$49.99
Large Classic Platter$59.99
Royal Delight Large Platter$59.99
Taste Of Inspiration Large Platter$69.99

**Prices and Party Tray options vary by state and individual Market Basket location.

The gourmet grocery store Market Basket opened in 1960, and has been family owned and operated ever since. New Jersey has never seen a grocery store or catering company that fulfills the need for gourmet food quite like Market Basket has. It’s no wonder that their competition wants to be them – Just visiting will show you that they are leagues apart from the other wannabe stores. Their catering services are no less top-notch – you can trust that they will handle your upcoming event flawlessly.


Market Basket catering orders can be placed by visiting your nearest location and talking to the catering office staff during normal business hours. They will help you make your selections and give you an accurate time for you to pick up your completed order. Allow 48 hours advance notice when placing your catering order to ensure it will get done in time. Click HERE for more information about Market Basket Catering.

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