Marie Callender’s Catering Menu with Prices

Starting in the 1940s, a young lady named Marie Callender launched a pie delivery business. By the ’50s she had turned it into a full fledged bakery which eventually grew into the Marie Callender’s that we all know today, which further evolved in 2006 when Marie Callender’s catering menu merged with Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, launching them into the restaurant market. Today Marie Callender’s catering prices operates over 65 restaurants across the United States and Mexico, so that the home cooking flavor we all love can be spread around. If you are looking for Marie Callender’s Catering, you will find it on this page with a list of Marie Callender’s catering prices. They offer party platters, boxed sandwich options, and take-home feasts for smaller events.

Below you will find Marie Callender’s Catering Menu with Prices

Marie Callender's Catering Banquet Menu
Heartland American Buffet$18.99 per person, 20 guests minimum
Breakfast Menus
American Breakfast Buffet$12.99 per person, 20 guests minimum
Continental Breakfast Buffet$9.99 per person, 20 guests minimum
Breakfast Additions
Egg Enchiladas$1.99
Breakfast Bacon or Sausage$1.99
Marie's Classic Quiche$1.99
Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy$1.49
Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwich$1.99
Breakfast Burritos$1.99
Lunch Menus
Option 1$15.99 per person
Option 2$16.99 per person
Dinner Menus
Option 1$19.99 per person
Option 2$21.99 per person
Kid's Meals
Kid's Meal (Ask banquet coordinator for options)$7.99 for 12 and under

Marie Callender’s has mostly become a household name through their branded frozen foods, found in nearly every grocery store in America. Their pies, and frozen individual entrees, are common favorites for affordable in-home dining options that taste great, even frozen. However what many people do not know is that their restaurant/bakeries offer Marie Callender’s catering services for parties and other events such as weddings, business meetings or sporting events. And of course, you can get their famous pies.


Ordering Marie Callender’s is very easy, as they have an online ordering option. If this is not your style, or if the website is down, you may visit your local restaurant or even call them to place a to go order. Please allow at least 24 hours in advance notice for larger orders to ensure that you receive your order on time – You don’t want to keep your event’s guests hanging with empty stomachs! You can click HERE to order catering from Marie Callender’s.

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