Freshii Catering Menu with Prices

Starting in Toronto, Canada in 2005, Freshii is a restaurant chain that has exploded in popularity. Now with restaurants in more than 75 cities and across 15 countries worldwide, Freshii is succeeding with their mission of providing genuinely healthy foods to the communities they serve. Even in their very first years, Freshii was met with massive lines, and hundreds of satisfied customers. Throughout the years, Freshii has also made a tremendous impact with the digital media scene, boasting over 100,000 followers on Instagram and similarly across other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Their innovative app has even helped them to achieve a #8 spot on Restaurant Media Index’s Top Mobile Brands for the year of 2013. Freshii also has numerous outreach programs which even includes the Fresh Startups as a technology accelerator with a mission to invest in young technology companies that share in the Freshii’s mission of helping people live healthier, better lives. The founder of Freshii Catering has been on the hit TV show, Undercover Boss, featured as the youngest CEO in the show’s history. He has also been featured in Fortune Magazine, on CNN, and Bloomberg television. For such a young company, it is definitely making some huge waves.

Below you will find Freshii Catering Menu with Prices

Greek Yogurt Parfait$4.99
Slow Cooked Organic Oatmeal$3.99
Grilled Egg Pockets$3.99
Ranchero Burrito$5.99
Steak, Egg & Cheese Grilled Breakfast Burrito$5.99
Custom Crafted
Create Your Own Salad$7.99
Create Your Own Burrito$6.99
Create Your Own Wrap$6.99
Create Your Own Bowl$6.99
Create Your Own Soup$6.99
Fiesta Salad$7.99
Cobb Salad$8.99
Ninja Salad$7.99
Metaboost Salad$8.99
Buffalo Salad$7.99
Market Salad$8.99
Fiesta Wrap$7.99
Cobb Wrap$7.99
Ninja Wrap$6.99
Metaboost Wrap$7.99
Buffalo Wrap$6.99
Market Wrap$7.99
Buddha's Satay Bowl$7.99
Teriyaki Twist Bowl$6.99
Mediterranean Bowl$8.99
Warrior Bowl$6.99
Pangoa Bowl$7.99
Spicy Lemongrass Soup$6.99
Southwestern Soup$6.99
Asian Vegetable Soup$6.99
Baja Burrito$6.99
Smokehouse Burrito$7.99
Tex Mex Burrito$7.99
Spicy Thai Burrito$7.99
Bangkok Burrito$6.99
Frozen Yogurt
Low-Fat Froyo$4.99
Green Energy Juice$5.99
Red Power Juice$5.99
Mighty Detox Juice$5.99
Make Your Own Juice$5.99
Freshii Green Smoothie$5.99
Powerhouse Smoothie$5.99
Banana Nut Crunch Smoothie$5.99
Strawberry Banana Smoothie$5.99
Make Your Own Smoothie$5.99
Promotional Items
Vegan Chili$8.99
Sriracha Turkey Chili$8.99
Side Chili$3.99
Chili Salad$8.99

Freshii also offers catering across all of their locations. For your event, whether it is a corporate lunch, a family reunion, or any other kind of celebration, Freshii can offer their group salads, Boxed Lunches, salad bar, and wrap boxes. They do require a minimum of at least 10 people per order. Freshii’s catering menu is available online with also lists of ingredients and both their allergy and nutritional information.


Freshii catering prices are not available on their website, so you will need to call in and speak directly with staff in regards to your needs and how much the order will cost. For extra-large orders, Freshii catering prices may also include a processing fee. Give them at least 24-48 hours of advance notice so that they can have your order ready for you. To learn more about Freshii, or to find a location nearest to you, visit their website HERE.

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