Firehouse Subs Catering Menu with Prices

Known for their support of first responders, Firehouse Subs provides catering services that can meet your small or large event needs.  Firehouse Subs catering menu consists of their famous hot subs and salads.  Popular items to consider when placing your order are their deluxe sub platters that serve up to 10 people, half platters that include subs and salad or chips.  The platters can be upgraded include drinks such as tea or lemonade as well.  The Firehouse Subs catering menu also includes lunch boxes that are perfect for parties, group events, and other times when individual servings are convenient.  The Firehouse Subs catering menu prices for these lunch boxes include a pickle, chips, and a cookie.

Below you will find Firehouse Subs Catering Menu with Prices

Half Platter - Sub & Salad$40
Ten 3" sub sections: ham, turkey, or roast beef and provolone, with Kosher dill pickles on the side.

Salad: lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, salad dressing, and gallon of tea. (Platter serves 5)
Half Platter - Sub & Snack$34
Ten 3" sub sections: ham, turkey, or roast beef and provolone, with Kosher dill pickles on the side, plus five chip bags, five cookies, and gallon of tea. (Platter serves 5)
Sub Platters$45
Made to order with premium deli-quality meats, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and vinaigrette. Mayo, deli mustard, and Kosher dill pickles on the side.

Provolone and choice of smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, premium roast beef, corned beef brisket, pastrami, grilled chicken, chicken salad, or tuna salad. (Platter serves 10)
Deluxe Sub Platter$50
Features larger servings of our most popular combinations: provolone with ham and turkey, roast beef and turkey, or ham, Genoa salami, and pepperoni. Subs also include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and vinaigrette. Mayo, mustard, and pickles are on the side. (Platter serves 10)
Make it a Platter Pack$21
Add a gallon of tea or lemonade, cookies, and an assortment of chip brands.
Upgrade to regular or light Cherry Lime-Aid+$2
Upgrade to 10 bottled drinks+$10
Salad Platters
Salad Platters$32
Freshly made and piled high with romaine, iceberg, cucumber, tomato, green bell pepper, and red onion, with your choice of salad dressing, served on the side. (Serves 10-12)
Deluxe Salad Platters$42
Same as the Salad Platter plus provolone and choice of turkey, ham, chicken, tuna salad, or chicken salad.
Dessert Platters
Brownie Platter
-24 Brownies
Dessert Combo Platter
-12 cookies and 12 brownies
Cookie Platter
-24 cookies

Boxed Lunches
The Lieutenant
-Standard (one meat and cheese)
The Lieutenant
-Deluxe (two meats and cheese)
The Rookie-Standard
- (one meat and cheese)
The Rookie-Deluxe
- (two meats and cheese)
All box lunches come with your choice of dessert and chips. Sandwiches can be customized with your choice of toppings

Firehouse Subs maintains a respected spot in the pantheon of American sub shops by providing quality, yet unique sub options for their clientele. Their hot subs are to die for, and if heat’s your thing, they always have a wide assortment of hot sauces to choose from to garnish your Firehouse sub… with some fire for your mouth. By supporting Firehouse Subs, you indirectly support the men and women that keep us safe as well, so could there be a better choice for catering your next event?


Place your order for catering from Firehouse Subs online by clicking HERE or you can call your local Firehouse over the phone.  Online ordering is extremely convenient and gives you an opportunity to review the Firehouse Subs catering prices prior to finalizing your order. Also, online ordering gives you more freedom to choose the platters that are best suited foe the attendees at your particular event. Click HERE to order catering from Firehouse Subs today!

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