Chicken Express Catering Menu with Prices

If you are hungering for chicken, there’s an awesome chicken fast food chain that rarely gets the attention it deserves. Move over KFC, Chicken Express is here to make its mark. Opened in 1988 in Benbrook, Texas, Chicken Express has been making waves since, with now over 200 locations throughout 12 different states. Chicken Express Catering is based mainly in the south but with rumors that they may be looking to branch out north in the coming years. This fast food chain serves more than chicken with other options like catfish, hush puppies, and deserts.   Chicken Express serves their local communities with great food options fast. They also take pride in their employment program for their local youths, encouraging High School graduates throughout the years to strive and succeed. Built on lasting values, Chicken Express has taken a seat at the table with the other chicken-based chains.

Below you will find Chicken Express Catering Menu with Prices

Combo Meals
Includes Regular Side & Large Drink
Express Tenders Combo4 Pc.$6.99
Express Tenders Combo7 Pc.$8.99
Chicken Combo3 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Combo2 Pc.$5.99
6 Livers or 9 Gizzards Combo$5.99
Hot Wings Combo6 Pc.$6.99
Express Tenders, Gravy & Biscuit
Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Express Tenders4 Pc.$4.99
Express Tenders - Dinners4 Pc.$6.99
Express Tenders7 Pc.$7.99
Express Tenders - Dinners7 Pc.$8.99
Express Tenders15 Pc.$14.99
Express Tenders Snack Pack - Dinners (1 Regular Side)2 Pc.$4.99
Chicken & Biscuit
Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Chicken & Biscuit2 Pc.$3.99
Chicken & Biscuit - Dinners2 Pc.$5.99
Chicken & Biscuit3 Pc.$5.99
Chicken & Biscuit - Dinners3 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Breast Substitution$0.99
Snack Pack Chicken & Biscuit - Dinners (1 Regular Side)1 Pc.$3.99
Express Hot Wings
Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Express Hot Wings6 Pc.$4.99
Express Hot Wings - Dinners6 Pc.$6.99
Express Hot Wings16 Pc.$12.99
Express Hot Wings25 Pc.$17.99
Chicken Family Meals
Includes 6 Biscuits
Chicken Family Meal8 Pc.$12.99
Chicken Family Meal - Dinners (Any 1 Family Side)8 Pc.$14.99
Chicken Family Meal12 Pc.$16.99
Chicken Family Meal - Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides)12 Pc.$20.99
Chicken Family Meal16 Pc.$20.99
Chicken Family Meal - Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides)16 Pc.$26.99
Chicken Breast Substitution$0.99
Express Tenders Family Meals
Includes 16 oz. Gravy & 6 Biscuits
Express Tenders Family Meal20 Pc.$19.99
Express Tenders Family Meal - Dinners (Any 1 Family Side)20 Pc.$21.99
Express Tenders Family Meal25 Pc.$22.99
Express Tenders Family Meal - Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides)25 Pc.$26.99
Express Tenders Family Meal30 Pc.$25.99
Express Tenders Family Meal - Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides)30 Pc.$31.99
French FriesRegular$1.99
French FriesFamily$3.99
Fried OkraRegular$1.99
Fried OkraFamily$3.99
Mashed PotatoesRegular$1.99
Mashed PotatoesFamily$3.99
Cole SlawRegular$1.99
Cole SlawFamily$3.99
Corn on CobRegular$1.99
Corn on CobFamily$3.99
Corn NuggetsRegular$1.99
Corn NuggetsFamily$3.99
Mini PoppersRegular$1.99
Mini PoppersFamily$3.99
Apple PieRegular$1.99
Apple PieFamily$3.99
Fried PicklesRegular$1.99
Fried PicklesFamily$3.99
BBQ, Honey, Chipotle, Marinara, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Cocktail or Tartar Sauces$0.99
Catfish1 Pc.$1.99
Hushpuppies4 Pc.$0.99
Hushpuppies16 Pc.$1.99
Livers/Gizzards, Gravy & Biscuit
Dinners Include 2 Regular Sides
Livers6 Pc.$3.99
Livers - Dinners6 Pc.$5.99
Gizzards9 Pc.$3.99
Gizzards - Dinners9 Pc.$5.99
Livers12 Pc.$5.99
Gizzards18 Pc.$5.99
Soft DrinkMedium$1.99
Soft DrinkLarge$1.99
Soft DrinkJumbo$2.99
Tea - Sweet or UnsweetenedLarge$1.99
Tea - Sweet or UnsweetenedJumbo$2.99
Tea - Sweet or UnsweetenedGallon$3.99
Minute MaidSmall$2.99
Minute MaidMedium$3.99
Minute MaidLarge$4.99
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Small$2.99
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Medium$3.99
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Large$4.99
Chicken Sandwiches
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$3.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Combo$4.99
Catfish & Hushpuppies
Includes 2 Hushpuppies For All, Combo Includes 1 Side & Large Drink, Dinner Includes 2 Sides.
Catfish3 Pc.$5.99
Catfish - Combo3 Pc.$7.99
Catfish - Dinner3 Pc.$7.99
Catfish5 Pc.$7.99
Catfish - Combo5 Pc.$9.99
Catfish - Dinner5 Pc.$9.99
Catfish Meals
Served With 8 Hushpuppies
Catfish13 Pc.$19.99
Catfish Meal (1 Family Side)13 Pc.$21.99
Catfish19 Pc.$27.99
Catfish Meal (2 Family Sides)19 Pc.$31.99

Chicken Express also provides catering services at select locations. Chicken Express’ catering menu has different price packages based on items and quantity needed. Chicken Express’ catering prices are highly affordable. You can get 50 tenders, 2 pints of gravy, and 12 biscuits for just $48, or a larger box containing 100 tenders, a half-gallon of gravy, and 24 biscuits for $91. They have other sizes between these two as well as a wings package available with 100 wings for $65. You can add on extras like sides, deserts, combos, and drinks.


For more information on Chicken Express’ catering prices, you can go online to look over their full menu located on their website. To place a catering request please give at least 48 hours or more of notice before your event so that they can have everything ready for you at the time of pick-up. For orders needed within 24-36 hours please call your order in directly to your local Chicken Express, otherwise you can place your order via email. The Chicken Express catering menu is available online HERE for your convenience.

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