Checkers Catering Menu with Prices

Located in the San Francisco Bay area is a full service catering company called Checkers Catering. They prepare all of their exceptional food in their 10,000 square foot building which includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, their own warehouse, and production and administrative offices. Checkers Catering even has its own special event show room where you can stop by and take a look around to see how they can inspire you for your next event. Checkers’ catering menus include options for weddings, gourmet appetizers, fall and winter holidays, bar-be-ques, as well as catering for all kinds of other general events. Checkers Catering also has available their own Chefs, Catering Specialists, and Event Planners who can all help you in creating an entire package for your event. Checkers’ catering prices include a range of services including numerous bulk package deals. Checkers Catering has been going strong for 28 years and is a GREEN certified family owned business.  Checkers Catering strives to take active efforts in improving our world and communities. They are big on recycling, using re-usable items instead of disposables, and much more that you can learn more about on their website under ‘Sustainability’.

Below you will find Checkers Catering Menu with Prices

Checkers catering menu is same as regular menu, simply just buy in bulk.

Combo Includes Fries and Drink
Big Buford$4.99
Big Buford - Small Combo$6.99
Big Buford - Medium Combo$7.99
Big Buford - Large Combo$7.99
Baconzilla! - Small Combo$7.99
Baconzilla! - Medium Combo$7.99
Baconzilla! - Large Combo$8.99
Cheese Champ$3.39
Cheese Champ - Small Combo$5.99
Cheese Champ - Medium Combo$5.99
Cheese Champ - Large Combo$6.99
Bacon Roadhouse$4.99
Bacon Roadhouse - Small Combo$6.99
Bacon Roadhouse - Medium Combo$6.99
Bacon Roadhouse - Large Combo$7.99
Bacon Cheese Champ$3.99
Bacon Cheese Champ - Small Combo$6.99
Bacon Cheese Champ - Medium Combo$6.99
Bacon Cheese Champ - Large Combo$6.99
Double Rally Burger with Cheese$2.99
Double Rally Burger with Cheese - Small Combo$5.99
Double Rally Burger with Cheese - Medium Combo$6.99
Double Rally Burger with Cheese - Large Combo$6.99
Half-Pound Chicken Bites$3.99
Half-Pound Chicken Bites - Small Combo$5.99
Half-Pound Chicken Bites - Medium Combo$6.99
Half-Pound Chicken Bites - Large Combo$6.99
Chicken Strips4 Pc.$3.99
Chicken Strips - Small Combo4 Pc.$5.99
Chicken Strips - Medium Combo4 Pc.$5.99
Chicken Strips - Large Combo4 Pc.$6.99
Big Chicken Sandwich$2.99
Big Chicken Sandwich - Small Combo$5.99
Big Chicken Sandwich - Medium Combo$5.99
Big Chicken Sandwich - Large Combo$6.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$2.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Small Combo$4.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Medium Combo$5.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Large Combo$5.99
Classic Wings5 Pc.$5.99
Classic Wings - Small Combo5 Pc.$7.99
Classic Wings - Medium Combo5 Pc.$8.99
Classic Wings - Large Combo5 Pc.$8.99
Deep Sea Double$3.99
Deep Sea Double - Small Combo$5.99
Deep Sea Double - Medium Combo$6.99
Deep Sea Double - Large Combo$6.99
Chili Dog$1.99
Chili Dog - Small Combo$4.99
Chili Dog - Medium Combo$5.99
Chili Dog - Large Combo$5.99
Rallyburger with Cheese$1.89
Rallyburger with Cheese - Small Combo$4.99
Rallyburger with Cheese - Medium Combo$5.99
Rallyburger with Cheese - Large Combo$5.99
Classic Wings
Available in Medium Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan
Combo5 Pc.$7.99
Combo10 Pc.$11.99
Party20 Pc.$18.99
Party40 Pc.$29.99
Box5 Pc.$5.99
Box10 Pc.$9.99
Ranch or Blue Cheese$0.99
Single Values
Classic Cone$0.99
Value Drink16 oz.$1.99
Dasani Water$0.99
All American Cheeseburger$0.99
Grilled Hot Dog$0.99
Value Fries$1.99
Chili Cheese Dog$1.99
Snack Milkshake$1.99
Chili Cheeseburger$1.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich$1.99
Lil' BBQ Roadhouse Burger$1.99
Bacon All American Cheeseburger$1.99
Chicken Bites Box$1.99
Tea32 oz.$0.99
Famous Seasoned Fries
FriesFry Lover's XL$4.99
Fully Loaded Fries$3.99
Cheese Chili Cheese Fries$3.99
Baconzilla! Fries$3.99
Monsterrella Stix4 Pc.$1.99
Monsterrella Stix6 Pc.$2.99
Garlic Parm Fries & Stix (Limited Time)$2.99
More for Less Menu
Fry Lover's Burger1.99 for $2.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich1.99 for $2.99
Medium Drink32 oz.1.99 for $2.99
Mushroom Swissburger1.99 for $2.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich1.99 for $2.99
Chili Dog1.99 for $2.99
Bacon Rallyburger with Cheese1.99 for $3.99
Big Chicken Sandwich1.99 for $3.99
Spicy Chicken Deluxe1.99 for $3.99
Cheese Double1.99 for $3.99
Deep Sea Double1.99 for $4.99
Double Rallyburger with Cheese1.99 for $4.99
Spicy Chicken Double1.99 for $4.99
Big Chicken Deluxe1.99 for $4.99
Bacon Cheddar Crisp Double (Limited Time)1.99 for $4.99
Cold Creations
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Snack$1.99
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Small$2.99
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Medium$3.99
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Large$3.99
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)Small$3.99
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)Medium$4.99
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)Large$4.99
Sundae Stacker (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo Raspberry)$1.99
Deep Dish Sundae (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo)$3.99
Waffle Cone (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl)$1.99
Classic Cone or Cup (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl)$0.99
Kids Meals
Hot Dog$3.99
Chicken Bites$3.99
Classic Funnel Cake$1.99
Loaded Strawberry Funnel Cake$2.99
Cinnamon Apple Pie$0.99
Ice Cold Drinks

Checkers’ catering menus offer almost anything you could want for your event, from full entrée meals, to sandwich platters, to an entire wedding reception spread. For the catering of your event, give them at least a few days to a week’s prior notice so that they can have your order made to perfection in time for your big event.


To discuss their options as well as Checkers’ catering prices, call their store and their helpful staff will be happy to go over all your event needs in detail. You can visit their website HERE for more information on the kinds of services that they offer, as well as more information on this remarkable and successful company. Checkers Catering is even affiliated with over a dozen different venue locations, and if you mention that you found the venue through Checkers’ website and they will often offer you a very attractive discount.

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