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Where to buy alcohol for your next party?

You are planning a HUGE bash and you are looking for a place to find good and cheap alcohol. Well there are several places you can go to find alcohol at reasonable prices and in large amounts . Below you will find three stores that sell alcohol in bulk!


If you are looking to purchase large quantities of alcohol look no further , Costco is a great option for you. Costco sells beer, liqueur, and wine all at large quantities and wholesale prices. Costco is a popular membership wholesaler in the United States serving many small businesses and customers looking to buy products in large quantities. Great thing about buying alcohol at Costco is that you can pick up other party supplies, snacks, and food while you are shopping for alcohol. As mentioned earlier Costco does require a membership which costs $55 annually so keep that in mind before you make a decision to go there.


Sams Club is similar to Costco and is another wholesale membership supermarket that sells beer, wine, and liquor in large quantities. Sams Club may be more attractive then Costco because their annual membership cost is $45 compared to Costco’s $55. They offer same wide variety of food, party supplies, and snacks that are perfect for those looking to host a party.  If you don’t have a membership to either Costco or Sam’s Club and don’t want to get one , don’t worry our next store on the list does not require a membership!


It may come as a shock to some that Walmart sells alcohol, but they do. Walmart has a whole stock of alcohol in stock which includes beer, wine and several varieties of mix drink products. Prices as with most alcoholic beverages will vary but are often lower then other popular supermarkets. Unfortunately they don’t sell hard liquor but if you are looking for Beer  and Wine Walmart is a good affordable option.


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