Vons Catering Menu with Prices

Vons is a chain of grocery stores that is found primarily on the West Coast.  A subsidiary of Safeway, Vons currently has just over 300 locations in the United States.  A pioneer in the self service supermarket industry, Vons is best known for its affordable prices and prior to its affiliation with Safeway stores Vons was the second largest grocery chain in California.  Today Vons is still recognized for its affordable prices and Vons catering is a cost effective choice for anyone hosting an event. Are you planning a graduation party or family gathering?  Instead of spending hours in the grocery store buying food only to waste more time cooking invest in a Vons catering party tray.  Featuring many favorite finger foods including sandwiches, chicken, and assorted cheeses Vons catering menu has many affordable options all at affordable Vons catering prices.

Below you will find a full Vons Catering Menu with Prices:

16” Breakfast Platter$9.99
16” Coffee Break Platter$9.99
16" Gourmet Roll Platter$9.99
Spinach Dip Party Bowl$16.49
Veggies & Hummus$27.49
Monster Fruit Platter$21.99
Pinwheels & Strawberries$21.99
Party Pinwheels$27.49
Mediterranean Medley$43.99
Italian Picnic $54.09
Classic Tea Sandwich$19.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser$29.99
Le Petite Croissant$29.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Tray$29.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto)$39.99
Fresh Fruit Platter$24.99
Primo Taglio® Cheese &
Fruit Nibbler
Fruit and Fine Cheeses$49.99
Signature Café®
Chicken Snack Tray
Maki Platters$19.99
Assorted Platter$39.99
Dessert Platter$19.99

Many people shop at Vons grocery stores all over the West Coast, as they provide a great place to get quality food in a friendly atmosphere. However, many of these people don’t realize that they could be getting their events catered by Vons. In order to make your event pop, consider going with Vons for your catering needs, as they will provide the same quality food and service that you’ve come to expect.


Call or visit your nearest Vons location and speak to someone in the deli department when you are ready to place your order.  The friendly and professional staff will help you choose what platters will be best for your specific event.  Most locations require that orders are placed 2 days prior to the pick up date, and some stores support online ordering with delivery within a specific radius. Click HERE to locate your nearest Vons location so that you can place an order for your next event.

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