Thanksgiving Dinner Event Planning

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy each others company. The time spent together is meant to be enjoyable and relaxing, but for many planning a large Thanksgiving dinner event can take the fun out of the holiday. Fortunately, a little bit of planning and organization can make your Thanksgiving dinner a memorable event that is easy to prepare allowing you to enjoy the gathering just as much as your guests. We provide a few tips that will increase your chances of hosting a dinner that no one will ever forget.

Preparing a Guest List

Deciding who to invite to your Thanksgiving dinner is the first step in planning a successful dinner event. If you are unsure of how many people will be attending your gathering it will be impossible for you to properly prepare for the meal. There is nothing worse than hosting an event that does not have adequate seating or food for all guests. To avoid a potentially embarrassing situation prepare a guest list and send invitations. Ask your guests to RSVP and limit the number of people they can bring with them to your Thanksgiving dinner event.

Choose a Location

thanksgiving locationOnce you know the maximum number of people who will attend your Thanksgiving dinner it is time to choose a location. Since most restaurants able to accommodate a large dinner party will be closed or heavily booked it is more convenient (and affordable) to host the meal in your home or the home of a close friend. Also, many of your guests will be more comfortable in the casual environment of a personal residence. When choosing your location make sure there is adequate space for tables, chairs, and guests along with sufficient space for food to be placed.

Plan the Menu

Thanksgiving dinnerThanksgiving dinner is a meal that most people anticipate all year. Satisfy your guests expectations by serving a delicious meal that includes traditional Thanksgiving dinner dishes along with dishes that will meet any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. Make sure you purchase enough food and beverages to provide approximately two servings per guest. This will help ensure that you do not run out of any popular food items. If you are having any part of your meal catered be sure to contact the store or restaurant that you are planning to order from to find out any special holiday ordering deadlines or hours that may affect you.

Choosing Decorations

Table decorAdding a festive air to your Thanksgiving dinner party is easy to do if you invest in some quality decorations. Purchasing a few nice centerpieces for your tables will put all of your guests in the Thanksgiving spirit. Disposable Thanksgiving themed tablecloths, disposable plates, napkins, cups, and serving platters will also add to the holiday feel while simplifying the clean up process.

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