Subway Catering Menu with Prices

Any person or business owner who wants to provide guests or employees with fresh sandwiches for affordable prices should check out the Subway catering menu.  Known for offering a wide variety of freshly baked breads, multiple sub sandwiches (hot and cold), and flatbread sandwiches; Subway catering menu prices are reasonable making them perfect for any large event with a tight budget.  The most popular (and recognized) Subway catering item is the giant sub that comes in either three feet or six feet with 18 and 30 servings respectively.  Subway can precut your sub at your request or leave it unaltered so your guests can enjoy the fun of dividing a huge sub. Subway catering prices also include the option of purchasing subway platters with the meats of your choice.  There is also the option of purchasing individualized meal boxes that include a sub, chips, and a cookie.  Cookies can also be purchased by the dozen and drinks are also available.

Below you will find Subway Catering Menu with Prices

Sandwich Platter$34

Giant Sub
3 feet$42
6 feet$84
9 feet$126
12 feet$168
15 feet$210
18 feet$252
21 feet$294
24 feet$336
27 feet$378

Specialty Trays
Meat & Cheese Platter
Serves (10-12)
Toppings Platter
(Serves 10-12)
Meatball Tray
Serves (30-35)

Drinks and Dessert
Cookies (12pcs)$5.50
Apple Slices$1.50
Bottled Drinks$1.80

Subway, previously characterized by their ex-mascot turned pedophile Jared Fogle, are an affordable sub sandwich shop that can be found mostly anywhere you may find yourself. They’re found in about every city, and their signature flavors vary very little between their locations, and there’s something to be said for consistency.


There are three easy ways to place your Subway catering order.  The first, and most convenient, is the Subway online order form that allows you to make your choices and review your prices.  Alternatively, you can call in to place your order or visit your nearest Subway location.  Calling or placing your order in person is a good option if you are placing a last minute order or want to mix and match breads and meat choices. Click HERE to order Subway Catering for your upcoming party or other event.

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