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Planning a Successful Graduation Dinner

Graduation is a momentous occasion that commemorates the ending of one part of a young persons life while celebrating the beginning a brand new chapter. It is not unusual for graduates to be apprehensive about their new responsibilities and personal feelings, and a well planned graduation dinner can help them relax while focusing on their accomplishments. Surrounding the graduate with their friends and family members gives them a chance to enjoy the event with the people who mean the most to them, and it is possible to plan a successful dinner without the help of an event planner or professional caterer. Regardless of the size of the dinner, with a little organization and preplanning you can prepare an affordable graduation dinner that will make the guest of honor proud.

Honoring the Graduate

It is important to honor the graduate and their hard work during the dinner party. In addition to the standard party decorations of balloons, streamers, and flowers place photos of the graduate that show the journey they have made. Pictures taken during memorable parties, special dances or other school parties, or after a late night study session all make fantastic decorations that will encourage your dinner guests to talk. Online and traditional printers are able print large, poster sized, images for your use along with smaller photobooks that could become keepsakes for guests or the graduate.

Serving the Meal in Style

The dinner itself is the highlight of the gathering and what most of your guests will be looking forward to. When hosting a graduation dinner at your own home for more than 10 guests a buffet style meal service is easiest on everyone. Once you have arranged the food, utensils, and plates play some graduation music to let guests know that it is time to eat. Make the act of waiting for a turn at the buffet set up fun by giving the guests graduation hats and mimicking the graduation ceremony they witnessed earlier in the day.

Saying Goodbye

Wrap the meal up with a dessert service that includes a cake decorated with a photo of the graduate or in the style of a diploma. Encourage family members and friends to say a few words to the guest of honor that let them know how important their achievement is. Allow the graduate to cut and help serve the cake giving guests a chance to say a few words to the graduate if they previously haven’t had an opportunity to do so. Making dessert an obvious closing to the dinner allows guests to depart without awkwardness and gives them a chance to discreetly give graduation gifts and say a few words of congratulations before leaving the dinner.

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