How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Your loved one’s birthday is approaching, and you want to show your appreciation by throwing them a party. But, you don’t want them to know about it just yet. “How do I invite my friend to a surprise party without them finding out the surprise too soon?” you ask. Read below for ideas:

1. Set the party date before or after the party. It’s tempting to set the party date on their

birthday, but your friend would probably figure it out, and ruin the surprise. Also, pretending to

forget their birthday is so cliché, so don’t bother with that idea. Setting the date a few days

before or after their birthday isn’t expected, therefore, making the party a delightful surprise.

2. Decide the party’s location. Once you set the date, pick where the party will take place. It can

be at your house, your birthday friend’s house, the public pool, or even at their workplace if you

two happen to be co-workers.

3. Choose a theme. What is your friend really fond of? Do they like football? Are they crazy

about computers? Select a theme that piques their interest. Or, it can have no theme if you wish.

4. Compile a party guest list. Create a list of people you want to invite. Make sure that they are

people who are excellent at keeping secrets. There’s nothing worst than someone who refuses to

zip their lip, and end up spoiling everything.

5. Send discreet invitations. After figuring out the guest list, mail or phone them about the party.

True, email is faster, but computer messages can be saved, making it easier for the guest of

honor to accidentally read it, and you don’t want that to happen.

6. Lure your birthday pal to the party. When the party day arrives, have everyone park their

cars in inconspicuous places or have them carpool to lower the chances of giving the surprise

away. Approach your friend, and ask them to come with you. Once you both arrive, switch on

the lights, and yell “Surprise!” with your guests. Your friend will be taken aback, but thankful to

have such a great friend like you.

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