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Ordering Thanksgiving Catering vs Cooking

You’re hosting this year’s Thanksgiving party, and you’re undecided on what to serve your guests. “Should I serve a home-cooked meal? Maybe I could ordering catering instead.” is the thought that’s swarming your mind right now. Here are the pros and cons of ordering Thanksgiving catering and cooking a meal yourself:

Thanksgiving Catering

Pros: All of the work is done for you. They provide the main courses, dishes, and desserts, and the only thing you have to do is pick up the phone, go in person, or hop on your computer to place an order. Also, some Thanksgiving Catering dishes have vegan or gluten-free options for people with dietary needs or desires.

Cons: A Thanksgiving catering meal can be expensive if you can’t afford it, and not all catering meals carry everything you want. If a desired side dish or dessert isn’t included, you have no choice but to pay extra for it. Are you willing to spare some cash on this extra expense?

Home-cooked Thanksgiving Meal

Pros: With cooking, you’re able to add your own creative touches to your dishes. For example, you can bake a pie with special ingredients that’s been passed down for generations in your family, which can’t be found in a store or catering package. Home-cooked meals also tend to be cheaper than catering ones.

Cons: Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner takes hours, and it’s not just the cooking part that takes long. Shopping for ingredients can consume a hour or two of your time, and may require you to rest awhile before preparing the entrees. This option will be a bad one if you can’t cook.

After reviewing the ups and downs of Thanksgiving catering and making a meal by hand, you’re probably still asking, “Which is the best choice?” The answer: Only you can decide that.

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