New Years Eve Party Event Planning

Ringing in the New Year is something that most people look forward to for the entire year. It is a time to reflect the previous year while anticipating all of the good things that the coming year will bring. Hosting a New Years Eve party is a fantastic way to share this anticipation, and reflection, with those who are closest to you. Many people avoid throwing their own New Years Eve party because they are intimidated by the amount of work that goes into having a successful end of the year event. However, we believe it is possible for anyone to host a memorable party with the help of our useful advice.

Choose a Theme

newyear2With dozens of New Years Eve events to choose from your potential guests will be hard pressed to decide what functions to attend. Make their decision easier by choosing a fun theme for your party. Popular options for themes are Mardi Gras, Luau’s, Alien’s, and Casino. Having a theme will make your party stand out from traditional, countdown oriented, events and increase your chances of having a large turnout.






Personalize Invitations

As we’ve previously mentioned, your guests will have their pick of New Years Eve events hosted by friends, family members, and businesses. It is important to make your party stand out so that the guests you invite will be more interested in attending your event. One way to do that is to invest in personalized invitations that are related to the party theme and have your guests name printed or typed. They will be impressed by the attention to detail and by the fact that you took the time to personalize their invitation.

Choose Decorations

New Years Eve DecorationOnce you have chosen your theme it is time to purchase decorations for your home that match that theme. If you are having a casino themed party invest in card deck themed décor and poker sets while a Mardi Gras party can feature beaded necklaces and masks. Since the best (and most affordable) New Years Eve parties are held in homes you are free to decorate as elaborately as you want. Don’t forget to invest in table decorations (plates, paper napkins, centerpieces, etc.) and small party favors like hats, party horns, or other small items that your guests can later take home with them. The decorations and party favors can be found in party supply stores, large discount retailers in the party section, or online.

Plan a Menu

New YearsFeeding your guests delicious food will help keep them occupied and happy until the stroke of midnight. Plan a menu that will reflect your party’s theme or that will meet any dietary restrictions that your guests might have. Make a list of theme specific foods, or foods that you know your guests will enjoy, and contact local casual restaurants to see if they offer catering services on New Years Eve. If they do not, or are not budget friendly, contact your local grocery stores and order party platters that are large enough to serve all of your guests. Remember the refreshments and stock up on alcoholic beverages or sparkling cider. Make sure your guests can toast the New Year in style.





Find Games and Activities

Avoid your party loosing steam by planning fun activities for your guests to participate in between nibbling food and watching the clock. Consider breaking out the gaming systems and encouraging your guests to play popular, group friendly games. Other games to consider are champagne race (filling a champagne flute with champagne using a teaspoon) and kiss countdown (giving each female guest a handful of Hershey kisses to award the males for a prize at the end of the party).

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