McDonald’s Catering Menu with Prices

Nearly everyone alive has heard of the megalithic fast food conglomerate McDonald’s, but few have considered using their food in a catering situation. Now, McDonald’s catering is not technically offered, but just the same it is entirely possible to place large orders (Enough for a small to medium sized event) in advance, and pick it up. Their individually wrapped burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and so on are perfect solutions for a low-budget Mcdonald’s catering prices situation. Now of course, you are wondering about the McDonald’s catering menu. Since they do not offer a specific catering menu, the menu prices will be the same as they normally are, but you can get discounts by buying their combo boxes, say for 20pc chicken nuggets. If you are curious about McDonald’s catering prices, see our list below and find out if McDonald’s is going to satisfy your upcoming catering needs.

Below you will find McDonald’s Catering Menu with Prices

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McDonald’s is the largest hamburger fast food chain in the entire world and serves about 68 million customers every single day. They have restaurants in over 119 countries – it’s fair to say that they know what they are doing in the hamburger business. They’ve been around since 1940. If you are looking for an affordable catering option for your next event, whether it is a sporting event, business meeting, casual party or even a wedding – you can satisfy your guests’ hunger with the classic taste of a McDonald’s hamburger or chicken.


You will need to visit your local McDonald’s location in advance to place your large order. We recommend giving 2-3 hours of notice based on your order size to ensure that they complete it on time and your guests aren’t waiting around hungry! Full guests are happy guests! Click HERE to find your local McDonald’s catering location.

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