Five Guys Catering Menu with Prices

Setting your event apart is difficult, but choosing Five Guys Catering is one way that you can make your gathering memorable. Five Guys catering menu includes their famous burgers and French fries made using fresh potatoes.  Most importantly, Five Guys catering menu prices are reasonable and can make your event a success without costing a large amount of money.  The Five Guys catering menu consists of a variety of hamburgers (bacon and cheeseburgers are also available), hot dogs (including bacon, cheese, and bacon cheese dogs), and regular or Cajun fries.  Multiple free toppings are available including grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, and fresh jalapenos.

Below you will find Five Guys Catering Menu with Prices

Bacon Burger$8.20
Bacon Cheeseburger$9
Little Hamburger$5
Little Cheeseburger$5.80
Little Bacon Burger$6.20
Little Bacon Cheeseburger$7

Hot Dogs and Sandwiches
Hot Dog$5
Cheese Dog$5.50
Bacon Dog$5.80
Bacon Cheese Dog$6.50
Veggie Sandwich$3.70
Veggie Sandwich with Cheese$4.60
Grilled Cheese$4.60
BLT (Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes) sandwich.$5.70

Cajun FriesRegular...$4.30
PeanutsFree with any order

Five Guys has become ubiquitous with great burgers in the last few years, exploding across America with their unique take on the American classic cheeseburger. Using peanut oil for their fries, and serving generous portions, they have become a fast favorite amongst burger lovers nationwide. What better way to cater an event than to supply fresh, juicy burgers that everyone will love?


Five Guys catering prices are available online and can be viewed when placing your online order . However, while online ordering is available Five Guys recommend calling in or faxing in large orders. Since Five Guys cooks their burgers ahead of time, but prepare their fries upon pick up, it is recommended that you arrive to your local Five Guys well in advance of your event to give them ample time to complete your order. To ensure that you arrive in enough time to get your order and return to your event location ask for a suggested pick up time when calling to confirm your order. Click HERE to order catering from Five Guys for your upcoming event today!

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