Fazoli’s Catering Menu with Prices

Feeding a large group can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive making it difficult for the average person to host an event with professionally prepared food.  Fazoli’s Catering recognizes that feeding a large crowd can cost more money than some can afford to spend so they have prided themselves on offering an affordable catering menu filled with delicious choices. Fazoli’s catering menu is designed to serve groups of 16 or more people and the Fazoli’s catering menu prices are very reasonable.
Fazoli’s offers meal packages that are designed to satisfy the hunger of your guests while impressing them with a full course meal.  All Fazoli’s meal packages include salad to start out the meal and freshly baked breadsticks followed by an entrée.  Choose between fettuccini alfredo, twice baked lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and chicken carbonara.  Are you looking for something a little bit more relaxed?  Consider their sub trays or boxed lunches that include chips.

Below you will find Fazoli’s Catering Menu with Prices

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Fazoli’s has been a household name in the Italian game for quite some time – you simply can’t get Italian food any cheaper anywhere else, and the quality is still there. Many of us grew up eating at Fazoli’s with our parents when they wanted to take us out for a treat, but budgets were tight. We’re grateful that Fazoli’s exists to fill that niche, and now that they offer catering services your event attendees can be too!


Placing your catering order is easy and can be done online.  Simply choose your meal package, select any additional items, review Fazoli’s catering prices, and finish your order.  If you need utensils for your event or plates give Fazoli’s a call to make sure they include the items especially if you are having the catering order delivered to your home. Click HERE to order Fazoli’s Catering today!

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