Corporate Events Planning

Every once in a while a company should let their employees know that they value their hard work. Corporate events are one way for a company to recognize their employees while encouraging team work. Planning a corporate event is time consuming and requires a great deal of organization. We understand that tackling this type of event planning is not easy and our tips will help you set up a successful event for your corporation

Set a Goal

What do you hope to accomplish by hosting this event? Knowing the answer to that question will help you decide the theme for your event. If you are trying to promote togetherness and the idea that the company is a family, then a luncheon or family friendly picnic event might be best. Alternatively, if your goal is to have the employees unwind in an adult environment then a cocktail party or dinner would be the perfect setting for your event.

Determine a Budget

corporate3While it is tempting to go all out for a company related event it is important to set a budget prior to making any arrangements. The budget should include an itemized list of every aspect of the event (venue, food, entertainment, etc.) and it is important to stay within that budget. Your employees will not be happy if overspending on the corporate event leads to a cutback later in the fiscal year.

Tour Venues

corporate2Make a list of possible venues that will accommodate your employees, their guests, and anyone else you plan to invite to the event. Contact the manager in charge of event planning and schedule a time to tour the facility. During the tour find out if they are able to decorate the facility for you, if they provide food, and what is included in the rental rate. While it is common to pay extra for services such as table service and bartending other items (plates, napkins, flatware, etc.) might be free. Also, be aware of any potential problems such as difficult parking prior to committing to the location. Get a full list of what all is included in the cost of the venue rental prior to signing any contracts.

Discuss the Menu with Catering Company

corporate1Regardless of whether the event is catered by the facility or if you hire an outside company you need to discuss the menu prior to finalizing any arrangements. Decide whether the meal will include table side service with alcoholic beverages or a buffet style set up with drinks in pitchers. Find out if the company will charge per person or per item, and be sure the serving sizes will accommodate all of your guests. The last thing you want is for your employees and guests to leave the event hungry.



Sending Invitations

Once you have made all arrangements send out invitations either in the form of traditional paper invites or via email. Provide full transparency to increase the number of people in attendance. Sharing the locations, menu items, and other fun aspects of the experience will make your guests eager to attend and less willing to miss such a memorable event.

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