Chick Fil A Catering Menu with Prices

Chick Fil A Catering is one of the most popular catering options when it comes to catering for business events, parties, and family gatherings. Its popularity can mostly be attributed to the fact that Chick Fil A serves fresh food that is prepared right before your event. Chick Fil A catering menu is very similar to what you would typically find at one of their restaurants.  They offer packaged meals, Chick Fil A party trays, grilled wrap trays, salad trays, and fruit trays. Looking for breakfast catering?   If you are .. Chick Fil A breakfast catering menu is made up of the same great breakfast options found in their restaurants. Some of our Chick Fil a catering prices for our favorites include packaged meals that come with one side and a drink for $5.69- $9.50 per person depending on which item you get.  You can also get Chick Fil A party platters priced anywhere from $24-$70 depending on the size of the tray.

Below you will find a full Chick Fil A Catering Prices

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Most people know about Chick fil A’s chicken menu and creative advertising campaigns involving cows coercing you into eating chicken instead of beef. Many are also aware that they are closed on Sundays, as they are a company with Christian values. So keep that in mind if your catered event is on Sunday.


Catering from Chick Fil A can be ordered online! Simply click above choose your location, and start picking out your items! You can also order by calling your local Chick Fil A Restaurant and speaking to the manager on duty. One of the great things about Chick Fil A Catering is that they will deliver your food for you if your order is $100 or more. Click HERE to order Chick fil A Catering today!

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