Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu with Prices

Are you having a game night at your house? Maybe you have a bunch of friends coming over to watch a Monday Night football game or, even better, you are hosting a Super bowl event. Well, we are excited to inform you that you can bring that great bar atmosphere right to your event by ordering Buffalo Wild Wings Catering. As you can imagine BWW catering menu includes wings but while you are picking up your wings you can also get chicken tenders, burgers, sandwiches, sides, and salads! Buffalo Wild Wings Catering prices are very similar to what you would pay if you attended the event at their bar. Our favorite catering menu item is their 40, 80, or 120 wings party platters priced at $30, $60, $90 respectively. We also like their chicken tenders priced at $30 for 25 or $60 for 50 tenders.

Below you will find Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Prices

40 Wings
-serves 8-10
80 Wings
-Serves 16-20
120 Wings
-Serves 24-30

25 Tenders
-Serves 10-12
50 Tenders
-Serves 20-24

6 Wraps/ 12 Halves
-Serves 6-12
9 Wraps/18 Halves
-Serves 9 -18

1 Bucket (24 Slammer Buns)
-Serves 10-12

Buffalo wild wings catering prices may vary from one location to another but they should be very similar to what we have above. You can also order Buffalo Wild Wings regular menu items in large quantities but we recommend calling few hours in advance.


Ordering is easy. Simply click on this LINK , enter your zip code, get the phone number for your location and call your local Buffalo Wild wings to place an order.  We recommend you place an order at least few hours in advance. If the party or event is a big one , serving 30+ guests we recommend you place an order at least 1-2 days in advance.

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