Boston Market Catering Menu with Prices

Boston Market is a chain known for its slow roasted chicken, delicious sides, and home cooked flavors.  Taking advantage of the Boston Market catering menu will let you bring that homemade feel to your event without requiring you to spend hours in the kitchen cooking a meal.  Your friends, family members, and coworkers will be impressed the food you serve never guessing that Boston Market catering menu prices let you to host a party on a budget.

While Boston Market catering prices include the traditional sandwich trays and salad options that most people expect when attending a catered event, they specialize in providing full meals.  Choose between rotisserie chicken, roasted turkey breast, St. Louis style barbeque ribs, and meatloaf.  All meals come with two or more large size (depending upon your number of guests), cornbread, and plates and flatware are also provided.

Below you will find Boston Market Catering Menu with Prices

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Available Entrees

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Available Sides

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Hot Buffets

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Other Menu Items

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How to Order Boston Market Catering

Boston Market has one of the easiest online catering processes around.  Plus, you can place your catering order just three hours in advance when delivery is required or only two hours in advance if you are able to pick up your order.  They also offer full service catering that includes professional staff who will set up a buffet area with linen, provide bartending services, and clean up after your event all for a per person rate of $17.99/hr to $24.99/hr based on the size of your event.

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