Baby Shower Event Planning

Hosting a friend or relatives baby shower is an honor and a huge responsibility. You want to ensure that they have a memorable experience that they will tell the baby about in the future. We can provide you with advice on how to host a wonderful baby shower. Most importantly, it is possible to host a great baby shower without spending a large amount of money.

Finding a Location

Baby showers are one event that are best when held at a private home. The mother to be will enjoy spending time in a relaxing, familiar, environment without the time constrictions associated with renting a commercial location. If your home isn’t big enough talk to her other friends or family members. Most people would be honored to have their home be the location of a baby shower thrown for a loved one.

Send Invitations

invitationMake a guest list that includes the guest of honors coworkers, close friends, and family members. A good way to get names without alerting her to the baby shower (if it is a surprise) is to talk to her spouse, parent, or other friends who are on social media. Instead of paper invitations utilize e-invitations that are sent via email and allow fast RSVP’ing with the push of a button. Guests will appreciate the convenience of RSVP’ing for the baby shower via email.



Order the Food

buffetThe largest part of any baby shower budget will be spent on food. Since guests remember (and talk about) the food served at baby shower’s it is important that you do not cut corners with this aspect of party planning. Order a baby shower themed cake from a grocery store or local bakery. If baby shower you are hosting is small, then consider purchasing a few party trays from your local grocery store. When hosting larger events contact your local casual restaurants that offer catering packages. They should be able to offer an affordable, buffet style, catering menu that will impress the guests without costing much more than supermarket party platters.





Plan the Games

Playing games is one of the highlights of a baby shower. Plan baby related games such as guessing the number of candy pieces placed in a baby bottle. Guests should receive fun prizes either per game or after averaging who won the highest number of games. Prizes can be flowers, a centerpiece, low cost perfume gift boxes, candy, or inexpensive ($5-$10) gift cards.

Decorate the Location

baby3Decorating the location of your baby shower is easy and very affordable. Invest in a few baby related balloons, a banner, flowers, and a few table top decorations. Set everything up the night before the party to cut down on the number of things that you need to do the day of the baby shower. Any flowers that you purchase along with baby related decorations (bottles, bibs, pacifiers) can double as prizes for games, party favors, or gifts for the mother to be.

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