Au Bon Pain Catering Menu with Prices

If you are looking for a catering provider with a wide variety of menu items, Au Bon Pain Catering is a good option for you. Au Bon Pain is a fast casual bakery that serves healthy fresh food and Au Bon Pain Catering menu consists of over 200 fresh bakery items perfect for almost all type of occasions. Au Bon Pain provides catering for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and they also offer wide variety of dessert options if you are looking to end your meal with a bang! If you are hosting an early morning event, you can’t go wrong with Au Bon Pain’s breakfast sandwiches or croissant tray priced at $4.

Below you will find Au Bon Pain Catering Menu with Prices

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What is a morning breakfast without coffee or tea?  Don’t forget to add Au Bon Pain’s Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea priced at $16 (serves 5). For lunch catering there are plenty of options but we recommend looking at the Executive Luncheon that comes with wrap or sandwich, side, and dessert. Executive Luncheon is priced at $16 per person. If you are looking for something with less calories consider their On the Lighter Side menu items that lets you pick a green salad, side, and a hearty soup (priced at $16). For dessert there are plenty of options but our favorites are Sweets and Berries Tray priced at $14, Mini Cookie Assortment priced at $13 (serves 5), and Strawberry platter priced at $15.


Ordering Au Bon Pain Catering is very easy and can be done online. If you have any issues with their online order form, simply visit their website and find the location nearest to you then give them a call or an in person visit to inquire about Au Bon Pain catering. Click HERE to order Au Bon Pain Catering for the next event you are planning.


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