Wedding Event Planning

Getting married is the happiest, and most stressful, day in the lives of many adults. Preparing to celebrate your new union with those closest to you is extremely challenging and often overwhelming. To reduce their stress many people, invest in professional wedding planners, but the average wedding planner is expensive and the money spent on this assistance could be better spent on paying for the actual wedding. With the help of our tips and advice you can plan a successful wedding event on your own.

Set a Budget

One of the most important things that you should do is set a budget and stick to it! While many people are used to seeing over the top weddings on television, it is possible to have a lovely wedding on a budget. Also, when planning a wedding it is easy to overspend on one area leaving you unable to pay for something that is important farther down the line. Set your budget before you start any aspect of planning and, if possible, establish an itemized budget that allocates a certain amount of money to each of the expenses you anticipate having.

Set the Date

Wedding TableChoosing the date that you get married is not only important to you and your fiancé, it is a very important aspect of planning a wedding. The date you set will provide you with a time frame to get every stage of planning accomplished. Not only should you set a date that is going to be convenient for you and your guests, it should also be far enough in advance for you to complete all wedding preparations.



Establish a Timeline

After you have set the wedding day and set a budget you need to establish a reasonable timeline. This timeline will include milestones in a checklist format that will ensure the completion of all important wedding planning tasks prior to the big day. Common things to include on your timeline are purchasing wedding day outfits, reserving the officiant, hiring photographers, etc.

Create a Guest List

The number of people you invite to your wedding should be based upon your personal preference and your budget. Some people dream of a large wedding while others want an intimate gathering of only a few of their closest friends. Make a list of everyone you would like to invite then review your budget. Remember, a larger venue is going to cost more money to rent and most catering companies charge a per person rate when catering weddings.

Choose a Venue

Wedding venueWhile it is possible to hold a wedding at your own home, it is more convenient to reserve a venue that handles decoration and clean up. After your wedding your highest priority will be leaving for your honeymoon. The last thing you want to worry about is picking up discarded plates and putting away folding tables. Find a venue such as hotel, town/city building, farm, or other place that is willing and able to accommodate your wedding parties size. Contact the manager or owner of the venue and secure it for the day you have chosen.


Meet with Caterers

Wedding CakeThe food served at your reception (especially the cake) is something that all of your guests will talk about for months after the event. To ensure that everything goes well you need to take the time to meet with the catering company prior to the wedding. Sample the food that you plan to have served and discuss the number of guests who will be attending your wedding with the catering manager. Schedule the arrival time of the catering team and, if possible, invest in full service catering that includes set up, service, and clean up after the wedding.


Book Entertainment

After the ceremony, eating, and cake cutting weddings become big parties. Since your guests will most likely want to dance it is important to provide just the right music. Consider investing in a DJ who can play popular music at an hourly rate. An alternative to a DJ is hiring a band that plays your favorite genre or popular covers. If you are planning to hire a band, it is important to remember that you will need to provide space for them to perform.

Establish a Day of Timeline

When the wedding day actually arrives it is bound to be busy, confusing, and stressful. One way to avoid challenges and issues is to set up a “day of” timeline that will accommodate everything that needs to be done the day of the wedding. This timeline should include everything from the bride getting her hair done to the cake cutting ceremony time. Having a timeline for the wedding day will help you keep track of the arrival time for the catering company and other important time sensitive things that will help make your wedding an enjoyable event.

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